Mark Sh. Levin

The College of Judea and Samaria (Now: Ariel University Center)
Faculty of Engineering (Ariel, Israel)
Febr. 1999 - June 1999.


In the course, the following is studied:
(i) fundamentals of system life cycle,
(ii) issues of systems engineering/management,
(iii) system analysis,
(iv) multicriteria decision making,
(v) applications (case studies and applied projects).


1. Lectures
2. Intermediate test work
3. Team student projects


1. S. Inon
2. A. Shiff
3. R. Shraga
4. H. Zamir
5. E. Ben-Ezri
6. O. Blonder
7. A. Shem-Tov
8. N. Lev
9. K. Hershkovits

Team Projects:

Project 1. "Multicriteria design of product trajectory: Example"
Students: S. Inon, A. Shiff, R. Shraga, H. Zamir
Presentation: National Meeting on Operations Research, ORSIS, Israel, Eilat, May 2000.

Project 2. "Hierarchical design of life cycle"
Students: E. Ben-Ezri, O. Blonder, A. Shem-Tov, N. Lev, K. Hershkovits
Presentation: 15th Int. Conf. on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM'2000),
Ankara, Turkey, Jule 2000.

Publications (talks) on the course:

1. M.Sh. Levin, Towards systems engineering education.
15th Eur. Meeting on Cybern. and Syst. Research EMCSR'2000,
Vienna, Austria, vol. 1, 257-262, 2000.

2. G.T. Lang, M.Sh. Levin, Multilevel approach to systems engineering education.
13th Int. Conf. on Syst. Eng. ICSE'1999, Las Vegas, USA, SE181-185, 1999.